Aroma Sa-de Functional Vitamin Waters

Aroma, under the brand name Aroma Sa-de, supports immune, digestive, beauty, detox and mental-physical energy providing functions with natural spring water varieties that contribute to health, enriched with vitamins and natural fruit flavors.

 Consumers who are looking for more than “Water” contribute to their lifestyles with five different varieties of  Aroma Sa-de Vitamin Natural Spring Water. The fact that it is offered in 330 ml environmentally friendly cardboard packages that provide ease of transportation and consumption, adds extra practicality. 

One of the most important features of Aroma Sa-de vitamin drinks is that they are produced with natural spring water containing rich minerals with a pH value of 8.15 from the spring at the peak of Uludağ.

Aroma, Aroma Sa-de vitamin drinks offer consumers more than “water”. ‘Aroma Sa-de Vitaminized Waters’, which are created by enriching natural spring water with vitamins and making drinking more enjoyable with natural fruit aromas, support the lifestyles of consumers with 5 varieties for different needs; “Active”, “Beauty”, “Detox”, “Prebiotic,” and “Immune”.  Products that are 100% natural, low-calorie, preservative- and sugar-free are complementary to the healthy lifestyle consumers lead to maintain their current quality of life and invest in the future. Each variety of ‘Aroma Sa-de Vitamin Water’ contains different vitamins and popular fruit flavors according to its function. Especially Aroma Sa-de Resilience plays an important role for supporting the immune system with the Vitamins B and D that it contains.

‘Aroma Sa-de Vitamin Water’ consisting of healthy natural spring water with a pH value of 8.15 coming from the peak of Uludağ; is offered in practical, easy-to-carry, easy-to-open and close, recyclable, environmentally friendly 330 ml cardboard box packages.

Aroma Sa-de Active: Vitalization Power of Water

Aroma Sa-de Energy provides the vitality needed for those who need more energy in their daily lives and want to be more active. Aroma Sa-de Active, which supports to provide physical and mental energy with L-Carnitine and ginseng that it contains, also vitalizes energy metabolism and reduces fatigue with the B vitamin it contains. At the same time, L-Carnitine, which is a powerful and comprehensive fat burner when used regularly, helps the body burn fat. 1 packet of Aroma Sa-de Active, which helps to meet at least 53% of the daily vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B9, contains only 7 calories.

Aroma Sa-de Immune: Protection Power of Water

The content of Aroma Sa-de Immune is enriched with vitamins and minerals that support and strengthen the immune system. Vitamins D and B, iron, and magnesium, calcium and potassium from the natural spring water in the content of Aroma Sa-de Immune help to be protected against illnesses and to increase the resilience of the body against viruses and bacteria. 

Aroma Sa-de Beauty: The Beauty Power of Water

Aroma Sa-de Beauty helps prevent sagging and wrinkles thanks to the Type 1 and Type 3 collagen that supports skin health and elasticity. With biotin and zinc, it supports the protection of hair, nail and skin health.

Aroma Sa-de Detox: Purification Power of Water

A package of Aroma Sa-de Detox, which helps to get rid of edema and revitalize the body by accelerating metabolism and blood circulation with green tea extract and vitamin C in its content, meets all daily vitamin C needs. Like all other Aroma Sa-de Functional Drinks, the rich oxygen, calcium and magnesium content of Aroma Sa-de Detox, which is produced from alkaline natural spring water with a pH value of 8,15, allows the body to be purified from toxins.

Aroma Sa-de Prebiotic: Relaxing Power of Water

Aroma Sa-de Prebiotic, which contains chicory fibers which have prebiotic function, serves to feed the beneficial bacteria in the intestines with this content, helps to control blood sugar, regulates appetite and thus prevents excess calorie intake.

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