There is a great demand for cooking aids to make food preparation as easy as possible yet not giving up the taste and authenticity we are used to have, therefore for those who lives a fast paced life or even a professional Cooks , it is always important to have a delicious and tasty food, in order to do so, we dedicated ourselves to bring Delish cubes as great enhancer and flavour boosters to the market. Our cubes come in various sizes and shapes, such as 4g, 10g cubes with multiple packing options, like 24 pieces in a box, or 60 pieces in a tray. In fact we even make them as powder form so it can easily be sprinkled over the cooking. Our innovative recipes are consist of carefully selected ingredients. We have a wide range of flavour varieties, from classics to authentic regional tastes: chicken, beef, shrimp, tom yam, curry, African hot spicy etc.

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