HLEKS GIDA offers a wide range of popping candy products including Popping Chocolate Balls. There are several types of Popping Chocolate Balls.

This product can be made of milk chocolate and popping candy or with puffed cereals in the center which gives more crunchy feeling, you can enjoy 3 products “chocolate, popping candy and cereals” in one product in each bite.

It can be made with white chocolate as well which allows us adding colors and fruity flavors.

Chocolate balls can be produced in 2 different sizes.

They can be consumed directly from Hleks Shoogy Boom brand retail packs of 15g/33g/40g/50g or can be used as ingredient/inclusion/decoration in several industries such as:

  • Bakery: topping on cakes, donuts etc.
  • Dairy: topping on ice cream and inclusion in yoghurt in cups (packed in separate side/top container)
  • Repacking projects
  • Breakfast cereals to be consumed with milk

There are bulk packages in 12kg/20kg/40kg.

Hleks, by its manufacturing flexibility and will of creating new products, can develop custom made items for customers upon their demand.

For your inquiries and further details you can contact sales@hleks.com.

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